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Where there’s a will...there's a way

During the launch of this year’s Habitat Week on Praslin, two housing estates were inaugurated at Grand Anse. The one that was officially opened was the Amitié Ex-Teachers’ Housing Estate where twelve families received keys to their new home.

As is always advised by stakeholders concerned, families are encouraged to save towards getting their own home. It has been a constant call by the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH), the Housing Finance Company, the Property Management Company (PMC), district administrations to the populace to save towards their own home.

A very commendable gesture, which can be described by the famous saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, as said by one of the families who contributed towards their own home.

And the person who did just that was Marie Neige Vidot and her family.

Marie Neige made a very commendable sacrifice by saving a little more than R100,000 towards the repayment of her home. Marie Neige and her family are ordinary working Seychellois who have wished for a home for a long time. She made the sacrifice with the firm belief she will get her own home one day. And her dream has come true!

“We persevered a lot. We were having problems of water always entering the house where we lived and my child being always sick. So we decided that we will pay our contribution every month towards having our own house.

“I feel very proud and happy now. The next step is to continue paying until we complete the payment,” said a beaming Marie Neige.

The principal secretary of MLUH said his ministry remains committed in its mission to serve the people.

“So we are asking those who have already been allocated a house to continue their repayment and for those who have not yet contributed towards their own house, it is never too late to get started,” he said.

Marie Neige Vidot and partner inspecting their new home. The family has already contributed R100,000 towards their house

 The Amitie's Ex-Teachers' Housing Estate