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The Seychelles government has pledged financial help to the Property Management Company (PMC) to help it in solving pertinent issues on housing estates so that they are resolved within a two-year period.

Added to that, government will set up a remedial programme every year to give the company funds for such maintenance.

On its part PMC has set aside a sum of R18 million this year so it can begin work on those estates.

These were revealed yesterday during a visit at the Remise housing estate at Anse Royale by the Minister for Land Use and Housing, Christian Lionnet, accompanied by Vice-President Danny Faure.


The visit came about after pertinent issues at the estate have remained unresolved until now. These include leaking roofs, sewage problems like overflowing and water tanks that occasionally leak in houses due to damaged ball valves.

Also present during the visit were the principal secretary for project planning and implementation, Yves Choppy, the Anse Royale district administrator Jim Roy Jeannevole, PMC officials and tenants who were explaining to both Vice-President Faure and Minister Lionnet the various problems they are encountering with their houses.

“The government will consider these as a priority this and the coming year so as to address these issues once and for all. This is why the vice-president has accompanied me today on the visit at the Remise housing estate at Anse Royale to see these issues and the way we have to address them,” Minister Lionnet said, adding these issues are causing lots of frustrations among the inhabitants.

“Remise housing estate was constructed more than ten years ago. It is one of these estates that many issues arise like sewage, roof leakage as there are some houses which are covered with roofing tiles and with our type of climate, we get lots of problems with such materials,” he said.

Minister Lionnet said there are already four housing estates on which major works have started.

He also mentioned his visit to the Moulinie and Karl Tamatave estates on Praslin during last year’s Habitat Week where sewage plants at the respective estates have been constructed.

His ministry has also constructed one at ‘Dan Fatak’ in the Baie Lazare district and one at Copolia where they are going to install a line from Copolia to Victoria.

“We also have a programme we are working on so we can continue such work on other housing estates to resolve those pertinent issues once and for all.

“The government sincerely believes that when a person is given a house it is a long-term investment, not only for that person but also for his/her children to make sure they are in security in future,” added the minister.

He also remarked that a person is not given a house so that he/she has to replace it in 10 years.

“It is a long-term investment that we sincerely believe in. And like our constitution says we must provide a person a house which is safe and sound,” said the minister, adding that PMC has a clear mandate to address these issues.

He noted that PMC collects rents from its tenants which it reinvests in its housing estates while the government continues to build new housing estates.

After yesterday’s visit, a work plan will be established. For the Remise housing estate, for example, a tender will be launched by the end of this month for re-roofing works which will include re-painting and sorting out the water tank issue.

For the sewage issue, the estate will benefit from a nearby sewerage project being put in place by the State Assurance Corporation housing project.