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As announced by President James Michel in his State of the Nation Address on February 16th 2016, the government has decided to offer a reduction of 25% on the price of the house to those who are on a house purchase agreement with the Property Management Company (PMC). Other people who are renting houses from PMC and who wish to join the house purchase agreement, will also enjoy this 25% reduction.

Other PMC tenants who do not wish to join the House Purchase Agreement scheme, and who are on the minimum wage, will receive a contribution from the Agency for Social Protection to meet 50% of the rent.

The Office of the President has announced the appointment of Mr. Jules Baker as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Property Management Company (PMC) with effect from 3rd March 2016, replacing Mr Timothé Sinon.

Mr Baker had been serving as Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) since September 2015.


The functions of the PMC include ensuring the equitable provision of living accommodation to the people of Seychelles by sale, lease or rental of flats and houses in accordance with the policy of the Government; and to manage and maintain buildings and property on behalf of Government.

During the launch of this year’s Habitat Week on Praslin, two housing estates were inaugurated at Grand Anse. The one that was officially opened was the Amitié Ex-Teachers’ Housing Estate where twelve families received keys to their new home.

As is always advised by stakeholders concerned, families are encouraged to save towards getting their own home. It has been a constant call by the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH), the Housing Finance Company, the Property Management Company (PMC), district administrations to the populace to save towards their own home.

A very commendable gesture, which can be described by the famous saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, as said by one of the families who contributed towards their own home.

And the person who did just that was Marie Neige Vidot and her family.

Marie Neige made a very commendable sacrifice by saving a little more than R100,000 towards the repayment of her home. Marie Neige and her family are ordinary working Seychellois who have wished for a home for a long time. She made the sacrifice with the firm belief she will get her own home one day. And her dream has come true!

“We persevered a lot. We were having problems of water always entering the house where we lived and my child being always sick. So we decided that we will pay our contribution every month towards having our own house.

“I feel very proud and happy now. The next step is to continue paying until we complete the payment,” said a beaming Marie Neige.

The principal secretary of MLUH said his ministry remains committed in its mission to serve the people.

“So we are asking those who have already been allocated a house to continue their repayment and for those who have not yet contributed towards their own house, it is never too late to get started,” he said.

Marie Neige Vidot and partner inspecting their new home. The family has already contributed R100,000 towards their house

 The Amitie's Ex-Teachers' Housing Estate

Six families mostly from the district of Mont Buxton received keys to their new houses yesterday after the Minister for Land Use and Housing Christian Lionnet had officially opened the Ex-Bibianne Housing Estate in that district.

Present at the ceremony were the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Vincent Meriton; the principal secretary for Land Use and Housing Joseph Francois and Yves Choppy, principal secretary for Project Planning and Implementation in the Ministry of Land Use and Housing; the chief executive of the Property Management Company (PMC), Timothy Sinon; the member of the National Assembly for Mont Buxton Sheryl Vangadasamy; district administrator Michelle Sabury and top officials of the PMC and the Ministry of Land Use and Housing.

The housing estate, which is on a small and compact land area of  537sqm, consists of one multi-storey block of six units, each with two bedrooms. The beneficiaries have been contributing towards the Government Home Saving Scheme Programme for several years now with two of them chosen by the ministry on compassionate ground. One is a recent fire victim and the other one a victim of domestic violence which has resulted in the family being homeless.

It has been funded entirely by the government of Seychelles at a cost of R3.9 million and took approximately two years to be completed.
In his address for the occasion, PS Francois said the government is selling the house and not renting them out to families. It is also subsidising the total cost from an estimated R650,000 per unit to R475,000 to make them more affordable to the tenants. 

He said it forms part of the government’s principle for every Seychellois to own their own house.
“Today we are happy for two principal reasons. One we take part in those families’ happiness who have sacrified and waited for their own home. Secondly we know that these families are entering another stage in their lives where they will be living in a more comfortable environment,” he said. 
He urged them to continue their repayment after allocation. 

There are about 72 families in Mont Buxton who qualify for a house.
Ms Sabury said the Ex-Bibianne Ah-Kong Housing Estate is the smallest housing project the district has undertaken. She urged all tenants to practice tolerance, sharing and good living values.
The district’s MNA said even if the country went through a hard economic reform, the country and government have remained dedicated towards its social programmes and principles. And housing is one of them.

After the official opening and handing over of keys, both ministers, officials and new tenants toured the houses.


Twelve proud families from Corgat Estate in the Mont Fleuri district have received the keys to their new two-bedroom houses.

The tenants did not hesitate to view their new houses soon after receiving their keys yesterday afternoon following a short ceremony at Corgat Estate in the presence of the principal secretary for land use and housing Joseph François, Mont Fleuri member of the National Assembly Beguitta Jeannevol and Property Management Corporation (PMC) chief executive Timothy Sinon.

The housing project has been undertaken by the government of Seychelles and its main funding partner is the People’s Republic of China. They designed a plan to completely rebuild the thorn-down 157 outdated units and further increase its capacity to a total of 191 units.


Phase one of the project was completed in 2008 which saw the first units built and allocated. The houses delivered yesterday form part of phase two of the Corgate Estate redevelopment project. A further block of eight units of two bedrooms each will be delivered in August later this year. 

The Seychelles and Chinese governments have already signed bilateral agreements for funds for the third phase of the estate redevelopment project which will compose of 32 units.

The new houses form part of government’s drive to eradicate the existing outdated and worn-down estate houses in that sub-district which have served their time and replace them with modern and comfortable ones. This will provide a more conducive living environment to the existing tenants of the estate.

“This is a noble gesture because finally those 12 families can get a more comfortable and more convenient house,” said Mr Sinon.

He then stressed on the need for prompt repayment so as to allow others who are on the waiting list to also get a house. 

Mr Sinon also urged the new tenants to turn their houses into homes and to practice good neighbourhood by living harmoniously, by loving and respecting each other. 

The PMC chief executive also advised the new tenants to have strong spiritual values as these are the foundation of every family.

MNA Jeannevol said the handing over of the new houses means that the government has kept its promise to the inhabitants of Corgat Estate to have their own houses. 

She also informed them of the continuous development of the estate’s housing project so that more inhabitants can also benefit.