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The activity, done in collaboration with the district’s administration, forms part of the PMC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme and it is the first such activity it organises.

The two tenants were identified as they need special help for the upkeep of their units. They are Stephen Cecile, an 81-year-old elderly who is not doing well health wise, and Thelma Labrosse who was born disabled and needs the help of a carer.


PMC staff cleaned and painted the interior of their houses, refurbished some of their dilapidated items and presented them with a hamper of goodies on behalf of the PMC management.

One of Mr Cecile’s daughters and his grandchildren were present during the clean-up session. She said her tough work schedule at the hospital and the caring of her children do not leave her much time to take care of the father.

As for Mr Cecile’s eldest daughter, who used to take care of him, she has informed the district administrator that she can no longer do it.

“When we conducted our normal visits to the housing estates and bedsitters managed by PMC, we noticed the situation these people were living in. So we started the procedure to provide assistance and hence the activity today,” said Linda Philoé-Bristol, public relations officer at the PMC.

She said the corporation cannot just collect revenue but it has to give out to vulnerable people like Stephen and Thelma.

The Grand Anse district administrator said Mr Cecile’s daughter has just informed them the day before that she will no longer be able to care for her father anymore.

The search for a new carer has already started, adding that there is already a waiting list in the district of people wanting to work as carers.

As for Mrs Labrosse who was attending service at the time as she is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, she receives help from family members.

The St Ange Bedsitter has seven units and is managed by PMC.

Staff of the Property Management Corporation (PMC) on Saturday cleaned bedsitters of two tenants with special needs at the St Ange Bedsitter at Grand Anse Mahé district.

Also present was the Grand Anse Mahé district administrator Linette Dodin.

Bann travayer lakonpannyen ki zer batiman, lakaz ek lezot propriete gouvernman, ‘Property Management Corporation’ oubyen PMC, i souvan santi zot oblize pour sorti dan zot biro pour al netway ou penn bann flat ki gouvernman in met a dispozisyon bann zabitan. 

Sa i akoz souvan bann lokater pa pran zot responsabilite e zot sali landrwa, sirtou bann fasilite komen ki bann fanmiy i partaze ant kanmarad. Sa i enkli zarden, larantre, leskalye, eksetera. 

PMC i dir ki i’n resaman annan en logmantasyon dan bann ka labi ek degradasyon lo son bann fasilite ek lenfrastriktir.

Enn bann landrwa ki konsernen avek sa problenm se Zil Perseverance. Se pour sa rezon ki bann travayer PMC ti mobilize Sanmdi pase pour netway e penn en group flat dan Vilaz Perseverans 1. 

Sa travay ki ti osi annan pour bi sansibiliz dimoun lo nesesite pour pran ka avek zot labita ek lanvironnman, ti ganny fer avek kolaborasyon ladministrasyon distrik ek bann zabitan, sirtou bann zanfan.

Sef egzekitif sa lakonpannyen, Msye Timothe Sinon, in deplor labsans bann adilt dan sa aktivite, sirtou bann zonm.
«I enportan ki paran i vin pli konsansye e pran zot responsabilite pour donn legzanp zot zanfan pour ki nou kapab devlop en kiltir kot nou pran swen e mentenir nou landrwa,» Msye Sinon ti dir.

Dan sa lespri, PMC pe kontinyelman lans en lapel a bann rezidan dan bann flat pour ede mentenir e prezerv bann fasilite.
Bann portre ki akonpanny lartik i montre bann travayer PMC ek serten zabitan panda aktivite Sanmdi pour netway e penn en group flat dan Vilaz Perseverans 1.

Property Management Corporation shows the way forward to Perseverance inhabitants by explaining why keeping their property clean, is important.

A community clean-up day was held on Saturday at Ile Perseverance, by the Property Management Corporation (PMC), an agency that falls under the purview of the ministry of Land Use and Housing.

The program of the activity focused on de-littering the estate compound of both Ile Perseverance one and two as well as general maintenance works which included painting of the common area walls and staircases in the apartment blocks.

“The aim is to make the residents more conscious of their roles and responsibilities in the upkeep and maintenance of their housing estate especially in the common areas,” said the PMC Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Timothy Sinon.


Mr. Sinon told this newspaper that for the time being, the common areas fall under PMC’s responsibility but that in due time when the residents will fully own their units, it will be their responsibility to maintain their standard of their living space.

Furthermore Mr. Sinon pointed out that this was the first time PMC hosted a community clean-up in Perseverance and hoped that the activity can take place once or twice a year. In general, he said, he was satisfied with the turn out from the residents especially the youth since most of the complaints received concern the youngsters. 
People have complained of the fact that children play football in the common areas and dirty the walls as well as litter.

Mr. Sinon said that “education starts at home” and he urged Perseverance inhabitants to explain to their children the importance of respecting their neighbours as well as the environment. He added that for PMC, the community clean-up day is an initiative that will also act as a training programme for the youth to grow up into responsible citizens.

Jude Louise, a resident of Perseverance said he was satisfied to see such an initiative take place and he hopes that PMC will continue to implement this activity from time to time. “As a gardener, I can say that many residents here do take care of their premises however there is still a large number who don’t and such activities can surely inspire the community to do more,” he said

For her part, a volunteer representing PMC said that she was glad to give a helping hand to those in need especially if others can learn and benefit from her example.

Mr. Sinon conveyed his appreciation and gratitude to all those who participated in the activity, especially those who volunteered such as the District Administration of Perseverance and PMC staff.