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Louvertir L’Union Housing Estate | 11 October 2019

Louvertir L’Union Housing Estate

Prezidan Faure ek lezot envite dan en portre souvenir avek bann fanmiy ki’n benefisye avek sa nouvo proze lakaz

Rev 24 fanmiy Digwa i vin vre


Rev 24fanmiy Digwa pour annan zot prop lakaz ti vin vre yer. Zot in ganny zot lakaz dan kad proze 24 lakaz dan 24 distrik dan 24 mwan e Prezidan Danny Faure, linisyater sa proze, ti prezan pour temwanny sa seremoni remet lakle avek sa bann fanmiy.

Annefe sete Prezidan limenm avek Minis pour Lafanmiy, Madanm Mitcy Larue, ki ti devwal plak pour ofisyelman inogir sa nouvo housing estate.

Konstriksyon lo sa nouvo housing estate, nonmen L’Union Housing Estate ki’n kout par lao 34 milyon roupi, ti konmanse an Oktob lannen pase e in pran preski enn an pour konplete. Sa i konpri 24 lakaz trwa lasanm avek en larsitektir modern me ki toutfwa reflekte nou kiltir Seselwa. Bann lakaz in ganny konstrir avek bokou swen pour asire ki zot entegre avek lanvironnman L’Union Estate.

Dan son ladres avek bann lokater, Minis pour Lafanmiy, Madanm Mitcy Larue, ti dir:«Ser zabitan, ozordi nou pa zis pe donn zot lakle en lakaz me en zouti kle ki pou ed zot byen ankadre zot fanmiy e fer sa landrwa vin en lakour. Dan en tel lanvironnman, fanmiy i viv pli ere. Vwazen i santi zot anba mwens presyon apre en zournen travay e lazwa de viv i ganny santi par sa kominote.»

Minis ti osi ankouraz bann lokater ek bann ki ankor pe esper en lakaz pour kontinyelman reste a zour avek zot peyman. In ganny fer resorti dan en legzersis par departman lakaz dan bann distrik ki bokou fanmiy pa pe onor peyman zot ‘scheme lakaz’.

«Polisi gouvernman i kler e i pou reste enn kot sa ki bezwen lakaz i bezwen montre zot langazman pour pey zot scheme pour zot prop lakaz. Mon swe ozordi pour bann ki ankor pe espere, se ki zot kontinyen envestir dan zot lakaz, pey zot kontribisyon tou le mwan, annan enpe pasyans e gard zot lespwar o, gouvernman pa pou abandonn zot akoz zot pou ganny asiste dan bann prosen proze lakaz,» Minis Larue ti azoute.

Legzersis pour met bann aplikan lo sistenm pwen i kontinyel dan bann distrik. Sa legzersis ava donn Minister Labita, Later, Lenfrastriktir ek Transpor lo Later lenformasyon konkret lo bezwen lakaz parmi bann zabitan, pour meyer planifikasyon dan le fitir.

Lo non bann lokater, Manmzel Dora Morel ti remersye gouvernman pour en tel proze e ankouraz bann fanmiy pour pran byen zot responsabilite anver zot lakour ek zot fanmiy, pour asire ki sa nouvo housing estate i vin en bon vwazinaz kot lape, bon savwar viv ek respe i rennyen.

[Source: Seychelles Nation]

Habitat Week continues with exhibition | 10 October 2019

Habitat Week continues with exhibition

As it is customary each year, the Ministry of Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport together with its partners have put together an exhibition to showcase various accomplishments and development in the habitat sector.

“Every year since 1985, when it was first designated by the United Nations general assembly, World Habitat Day has been celebrated on the first Monday of every October. On this day we are asked to reflect on the condition of the living environment or our habitats focusing on the state of human settlement and on progress made, and persistent and new challenges for their sustainable development,” said Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Wallace Cosgrow who was delivering the address on behalf of Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport Minister Pamela Charlette who is on overseas mission.

The theme chosen this year for Habitat Week is ‘Frontier technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth’.

This year’s event is boosted by contributions of prominent partners of the ministry such as the Property Management Corporation (PMC), Land and Waste Management Agency (LWMA), Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and the department of environment.

For the first time, as part of the celebrations Seychelles will see the presence of and involvement of officials from the UN HABITAT-GC secretariat. They will also take part in activities planned to mark this event.

To mark the exhibition which has been set up on the ground floor of Independence House, several departments of the ministry have set up stalls to exhibit their services.

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) had set up a stall to pitch their new product called the ‘customer dash board app’ that is an interactive app that will allow clients to manage their electrical and water consumption usage on the app instead of coming to the PUC office.

The ministry of environment was also present in showing one thousand recycled cans that had been compressed into a small block which could then be exported.

The Seychelles Planning Authority had also set up a stall in the shape of a house where they were displaying their plans for the future Victoria Water- front project which is expected to be completed in about 15 to 20 years’ time.

Once completed, the Victoria Waterfront project will provide Seychellois with a pedestrian-friendly waterfront which will be used as a public meeting place with designated areas for live entertainment as well as residential and retail spaces.

The accompanying photos show some of the stalls which form part of the exhibition and activities organised.

[Source: Seychelles Nation]

24 families get keys to their new homes | 21 September 2019


24 families get keys to their new homes

President Faure

Twenty-four families from the Beau Vallon and Bel Ombre districts have received the keys to their newly built homes during the official opening of the Pascal Village Housing Estate, yesterday.

The ceremony, attended by President Danny Faure as well as other high-level dignitaries, commenced with a brief address by the Minister for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport Pamela Charlette who thanked all the residents residing or bordering the housing estate for their cooperation during the construction phase of the project and welcomed the families to their new homes.

“It is the government’s aim to continually improve the houses and we have made a big effort to accomplish this objective. For instance, the units are much larger and include built-in cabinets in the kitchen,” said Minister Charlette.

64 families to move into new housing units at Perseverance


64 families to move into new housing units at Perseverance

Sixty-four families will soon be moving into their newly constructed flats located on Ile Perseverance, after they were presented with the keys to their new homes in an official handover ceremony held yesterday afternoon.

Numerous dignitaries were present for the occasion including President Danny Faure; Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport Pamela Charlette; principal secretary for habitat Denis Barbe; principal secretary for infrastructure Yves Choppy; Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning Maurice Loustau-Lalanne; Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status Myriam Telemaque and Speaker of the National Assembly Nicholas Prea.

Minister Charlette commenced the ceremony with a brief address in which she affirmed the government’s commitment to providing long-term housing solutions to Seychellois families.

“We are gathered here today to mark the completion of another major housing project, a sign that the government is delivering on its commitments to make housing available to families in need. The project is an example showing that the government has listened to its people to build larger and high-quality houses for our families,” Minister Charlette stated.

“At this point, I would like to note that the ministry will continue to monitor other housing projects very closely in a bid to accelerate works on other construction sites with the aim of delivering the projects quicker,” Minister Charlette stated.

The 64 units are housed in four blocks and have come at a cost of R35.9 million to the government. It was conceptualised based on new and modern designs and offer more space to families.

The project was awarded to the contractor in October 2017 and construction works started in November 2017.

Among the families benefitting from this allocation are families who are relocating from prefab houses, families who were already residing at Perseverance in two bedroom houses as a temporary solution and whose needs are for three bedroom units and other urgent prioritised housing cases.

Minister Charlette concluded her address by handing over the houses to chief executive of the Property Management Corporation (PMC) Evelina Antha.

Ms Antha also addressed all present urging all home-owners who have been allocated the units to act responsibly on the housing estate and to be considerate of their neighbours.

“It is through your financial contributions for the repayment of your houses that enables the government to construct more houses for families who are yet to be assisted. Therefore brothers and sisters, for those receiving your keys, it is your duty to actively make the payments and respect your agreement with PMC,” she said.

Ms Antha also expressed gratitude towards all the supporting organisations who collaborate with PMC expressing her desire for closer collaboration in future.

Residents were then presented with their home keys by PS Barbe before the dignitaries were given a tour of the housing units whereby they interacted with families who will be occupying the units.

According to Minister Charlette, 178 new housing units are expected to be completed at a cost of R161 million to be allocated to active contributors.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the handover ceremony.


[Source: Seychelles Nation]


First transit homes open at Barbarons

14 families receive keys to temporary houses

Fourteen families whose permanent houses are either in the process of being repaired or rebuilt after being destroyed by fire or other disasters, have received the keys to a temporary dwelling place in the newly opened Barbarons Transit Homes.

Other families will also join the group and will receive their keys in the coming days.

President Faure and Minister Charlette unveil the plaque to inaugurate the Barbarons Transit Homes

Situated just behind the Barbarons SPTC bus depot, the 42 houses – 16 of which are of three bedrooms, 18 two bedrooms and eight one bedroom – were officially opened on Saturday afternoon by President Danny Faure and the Minister responsible for land use and housing Pamela Charlette.

This was in the presence of the Minister for Family Affairs Mitcy Larue, key officials from related ministries and agencies, district leaders as well as the families among other guests.

The project, which has cost the government R21.2 million, was initiated by the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport to provide temporary shelter to families in desperate situations for reasons already mentioned as they try to piece their lives together and start afresh.

This is because over the years, in the event of fires and natural disasters, the ministry used any available housing options in its pool to assist families in need, and consequently in the process depriving housing applicants of an opportunity to be assisted with a permanent housing solution until the affected house is re-built. Recognising the need to provide a better framework to cater for those cases, the project was initiated and construction on the 42 housing units started at the beginning of last year.

As the transit homes, the first of its kind, aim to bring temporary housing solutions to families in need, it is therefore important that some of the houses remain empty at all times in case of any eventualities.

The families’ length of stay will not be more than one year and they will pay a monthly rent depending on the size of their house – R1,000 for a one bedroom, R1,500 for 2 bedrooms and R2,000 for 3 bedrooms.

Addressing everyone present to witness the event, Minister Charlette said before unveiling the plaque together with President Danny Faure to open the homes, that in the past when disasters struck our families often had to be housed in guest houses or privately rented houses.

She added that often this was for long periods because of unavailability of social houses and the government had to shoulder these exorbitant costs.

“In 2017, 25 cases of house fires and other disasters were reported, 21 in 2018 and up to now this year 8 cases have been recorded. Among the cases there were extended families which made it more difficult to rehouse them,” said Minister Charlette.

She further reminded relatives who have the means to also help out as it is not the responsibility of the government alone to step in in such cases.

But the minister stressed that it is the objective of the government to build similar transit homes in other regions of Mahé where land is available.

Minister Charlette thanked the SPTC for making available part of its property for the project.

Following the blessing of the facilities by the parish priest, President Faure, Minister Charlette and other guests toured the different houses, inspected the premises and talked to the new inhabitants. The houses all have built-in wooden wardrobes.

Evelina Antha, chief executive of the Property Management Company (PMC) which will be responsible for the maintenance and proper management of the homes and its premises, said in order to truly serve its intended purpose, at all times six houses will be left empty for any eventualities and like is the case on other housing estates, families have to abide by all regulations as per their contract agreement.

As these are temporary homes, there are some other conditions that the tenants have to follow and these include; not altering the structure of the house nor erect any building or structure whether temporary or permanent on the estate, not making any internal or external alteration to the house like putting in place tiles and burglars’ bars, the house should be used solely as residence for members of the family approved upon allocation and any damage to facilities in the house upon inspection before they leave will be their responsibility to pay.

The estate will have 24-hour security protection and movement of individuals not living there will be restricted to between 8am and 6pm.

For his part the chief executive of the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) Philip Morin said the corporation has availed of the opportunity to publicise the democratisation of the solar PV which is bringing solar energy option to those families who cannot afford to install solar systems on their rooftops.

“With the installations that we have made it will help the families to mitigate the impact of their electricity bills. We have installed a three kilowatt unit on the three-bedroom houses, two-bedroom ones will have a two-kilowatt unit while a one-bedroom will have a one-kilowatt unit,” said Mr Morin.

He added that the PUC will also be installing PVs and in those locations where it cannot do so like on low cost houses the corporation will install a one megawatt unit on Ile de Romainville where productions will be allocated to those houses that are eligible.

[Source: Seychelles Nation]

PMC has published its Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement

The Property Management Corporation has published its Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement for the year ending December 2018, in accordance with Section 36 of the PEMC Act 2013. The Financial Statement which is prepared in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) shows the financial position of the Corporation whereas the Annual Report highlights the activities, achievements and challenges of PMC.

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