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Task force set up to nip crime in the bud at Perseverance | 15 January 2020


Task force set up to nip crime in the bud at Perseverance

A task force made up of Perseverance residents to prevent crime met yesterday afternoon at the Perseverance 1 district administration to discuss the crime rate that has spiked up in the small community.

The meeting was attended by a few members of the crime watch; the chief executive of Property Management Corporation (PMC) Evelina Antha; the assistant Superintendent for Perseverance and Anse Etoile, Vincent Marie; the inspector for Perseverance, Marie-Antoinette Gedeon; and the district administrator of Perseverance 1, Andre Gabriel.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss and find a solution to the ever growing criminal activity and nuisance that has been affecting the district.

“This meeting is a chance to meet the various stakeholders that we are working with and discuss on the issues affecting Perseverance right now because if we don’t tackle the problem early Perseverance will turn into an area where families will not want to live,” stated the district administrator.

On her part CEO Antha noted that they have a system where residents can put forward their concerns, however residents must take it on their own and sort out some of their issues so this initiative of crime watch is very much welcome.

The ASP of Perseverance noted that since he began working in the district early last year he felt it was necessary to set up a crime watch in Perseverance as the initiative has helped in reducing crimes in other districts.

“In the month of August, September and October there was a huge spike in crimes being committed in Perseverance but after the crime watch was set up there was a reduction especially in November and December,” said ASP Marie.

Also in attendance at the meeting were a few concerned citizens who aired out some of their grievances.

One of the main concerns that a few residents put forward was the drug problem that is on a rise. One resident noted that drug users are roaming the streets at night looking for their next fix.

Another issue that was brought up was that these same drug users are breaking into empty prefab houses and vandalising the property or squatting there for days.

Another concerned raised by many people was the fact that small children are on the streets late at night either because their parents are drug addicts or just as a result of mere irresponsibility.

Flavie Cetoupe, a member of crime watch, said the initiative behind crime watch is to help reducing the amount of criminal activity in their district because they want to take back their community.

“I hope that people are committed in helping the crime watch and work with us for the betterment of our district and safety of our house and family. The population of Perseverance is getting bigger so it is important that we tackle the situation early,” said Ms Cetoupe.

The accompanying photos taken by our photographer Joena Meme show some highlights of the meeting yesterday.


Christophe Zialor


PMC continues efforts to reduce backlogs in transfer of properties

PMC continues efforts to reduce backlogs in transfer of properties

As more people are doing their part in paying off their government flats and houses, the Property Management Corporation is increasing its efforts to ensure that properties that have already been paid in full are transferred to their tenants.

In this regard, the Property Management Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday witnessed a group of 17 customers out of 30 who have completed the payments on their condominium units sign the necessary transfer documents and officially become home-owners.

Fourteen of the units were two-bedroom units at Roche Caïman, while the rest included units on other estates.

Some of these new home-owners had completed payments quite a few years ago but due to complexities of the Condominium Properties Act they faced a delay in transfer of ownership.

According to PMC’s chief executive, Evelina Antha, this had resulted into a considerable backlog of untransferred paid units.

“The Condominium Properties Act, established in 2006, was amended in 2014 but we were not ready for all the procedures that came with these amendments,” Ms Antha explained.

“For instance, for someone to receive their property deed under the law they first need a copy of the plan of their units. But there are no plans for the flats that were constructed over 20 or 25 years ago, so when these tenants complete their payments we have to go back to the drawing board to draw up a plan for them.”

She noted that this takes a long time because PMC does not possess the internal resources to draw these plans and hence have to pass on this responsibility to the land surveyors at the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure, Lands and Transport, who already have a lot on their plate.

“We also have to receive retrospective approval from the planning authority, register the plans, send them over to our lawyer and, on our side, we have to ensure that every detail are accounted for and updated,” she further explained.

PMC started its first transfer process in 2016 during which it transferred 16 units at Bois Blanc, St Louis and Mandarine Estate, Au Cap.

Meanwhile, in 2018, the corporation transferred around 30 out of 40 units that had been paid in full. These units were located at Roch Lane, Bel Air, Chetty flat, Anse Aux Pins, ex-Geers, St Louis and ex-Pierre Hoareau, English River.

Ms Antha added that “some people have finished paying for their houses more than 10 years ago and are awaiting their transfers so we are under pressure to make this happen”.

“We know that there are tenants who recently completed their payments, such as those residing in Persévérance, but they have to wait for us to deal with the backlog of transfers before they get their turn.”

Ms Antha advised tenants who wish to sign the deed documents on behalf of the property-owners who are not in the country or who are incapacitated, to have their necessary documents such as affidavits on hand.

The same applies in instances wherein the initial applicant has passed away and another party is signing the documents.

It is to be noted that prospective homeowners of PMC properties have a period of 25 years to pay for their homes.

Although a PMC property is transferred onto a tenant, the person still has to abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by PMC in their transfer agreement.

 [Source: Seychelles Nation]

24 families receive keys to new houses | 14 December 2019


24 families receive keys to new houses

The families in a souvenir photograph with President Faure and other guests on the compound of the new estate (Photo : Jude Morel)

Three blocks of flats, comprising 24 units of the Le Domaine Housing Estate, located at Au Cap, were yesterday presented to 24 priority applicants of the Housing Point System during a brief ceremony attended by President Danny Faure.

The keys to the units, comprising eight two-bedroom units and sixteen three-bedroom units, at a cost of R19.2 million, were yesterday presented to applicants, during the last housing estate opening ceremony for the year 2019.

To commence the ceremony, Minister for Family Affairs Mitcy Larue pronounced a speech on behalf of Minister for Lands, Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport (MHILT) Pamela Charlette, in which she commended President Faure on the initiative to construct 24 housing projects in 24 districts and reaffirmed the government’s commitment towards providing Seychellois families in need with social housing.

“The government, under the direction of President Faure, is working hard to ensure that the dream of each family to own their own house is realised, just as it is for 24 families today. Resources don’t permit us to assist all families at once but the government remains committed to continuously construct more houses for our citizens. It must be noted that not many countries have such housing programmes for their citizens,” Minister Larue stated.

Minister Larue continued on to urge all families to be responsible, respectful and courteous to their neighbours to ensure that the housing estate is one which is exemplary.

Following Minister Larue’s address, the families were presented with the keys to their respective dwellings before the plaque for the estate was officially unveiled by President Danny Faure.

President Faure also interacted with numerous of the new home owners accompanying them on a tour of the houses, all of which are furnished with features such as kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobes, as well as outside sink units to facilitate the de-scaling of fish among other uses.

Au Cap’s District Administrator Fatimah Marie also pronounced a vote of thanks on behalf of all the residents of the new housing estate, expressing gratitude to the government for prioritising the needs of Seychellois families.

As the overjoyed families explored their new homes, a choir from MHILT animated the special moment with Christmas Carols.

Over the course of 2019, MHILT has assisted 302 families with houses through social housing. A further 100 homes are expected to be presented to applicants early 2020 as housing projects in Anse Boileau, Grand Anse Praslin, Bel Air and Pointe Larue near completion.

 [Source: Seychelles Nation]

PMC witnessed the signing of transfer documents for 17 clients out of 30.

On 10th December 2019, PMC witnessed the signing of transfer documents for 17 clients out of 30, who have completed payment on their units in blocks of flats managed by the Corporation. This was done in the presence of the Attorney-At-Law & Notary Public Mrs. Laura Valabhji at Capital City building. Mrs. Valabhji is a specialist in Condominiums Law.14 of the units were two-bedroom units at Roche Caiman, while the rest included units on other estates already transferred in the past 2 years, for which clients had to sort out legal issue.

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Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
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Proze lakaz Anse Poules Bleues, Baie Lazare | 30 November 2019

Proze lakaz Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Baie Lazare

25 fanmir i ganny zot nouvo lakaz


Par Marie-Anne Lepathy


Apre ki zot in espere pour plizyer lannen e pas atraver bokou difikilte antretan ki zot esper zot prop lakaz, yer apremidi sa 25 fanmir in resevwar zot lakle e lazwa ti evidan lo zot figir.

Ti dan en pti seremoni kot sa nouvo vilaz Anse Aux Poules Bleues, en sou distrik Baie Lazare, ki sa bann fanmir ti resevwar zot lakle dan prezans Prezidan Danny Faure; Minis pour Labita, Later, Lenfrastriktir ek Transpor Lo Later, Pamela Charlette; plizyer zofisye son minister osi byen ki zofisye PMC.

Sa trwa blok lakaz ki premye faz proze pour sa vilaz i form parti proze 24 lakaz pour sa distrik e i konpri 16 younit trwa lasanm ek 9 younit de lasanm ki fer en total 25 younit lakaz antou.

Sete Prezidan Faure avek Minis Charlette ki ti devwal plak pour ofisyelman ouver sa nouvo vilaz.

Sa proze ki’n enplimante par Lakonpannyen Quing Jian International pour en sonm total 20.2 milyon roupi in pran 24 mwan pour konstrir e i enkli son prop sistenm tretman desarz.

Sa trwa blok lakaz in penn dan bann kouler ver ek lezot ki entegre byen dan lanvironnman e dapre Minis Charlette sa sit in ganny swazir pour son trankilite e osi son potansyel pour devlopman pa zis avek lakaz me osi avek devlopman later pour Land Bank.

Ler i ti adres sa bann nouvo lokater, Minis Charlette ti demann zot pour byen valoriz zot vilaz e viv dan lape e fer sa vilaz vin en pti kominote kot i annan bann bon vwazinaz e bann bon valer e savwar viv.

In fer zot rapel lenportans lord dan vilaz kot tou fanmir i devret viv trankilman e annan bon relasyon avek kanmarad pour anmenn larmoni ek bon vwazinaz.

I’n dir zot ki lord dan vilaz pa responsabilite PMC me rol e responsabilite bann fanmir zot menm atraver zot bon savwar viv.

“Sa lenvestisman ki gouvernman in fer i prezant en nouvo loportinite pour zot kontinyen byen ankadre zot fanmir ek zot zanfan. Minister i rekonnet lenportans en bon lakaz pour fanmir epanouir e zanfan vin bann meyer sitwayen demen me tou i konmans par bann bon legzanp paran ek vwazen,” Minis Charlette in fer rapel bann fanmir.

Apre ki zot ti’n resevwar zot lakle e konnen dan ki blok zot ti ete, bann fanmir ti prese pour al ouver laport pour vizit anndan.

Lilianna Onezime ek son Msye David Onezime in fer laplikasyon pour en lakaz i annan 19-an e sa letan zot ti napa zanfan e la zot annan de garson enn 19-an e en lot 3-an edmi.

“Mon vreman kontan apre tou sa letan ki nou’n espere. Nou’n lwe lakaz enpe partou e la mon kontan mon’n retourn Baie Lazare,” Lilianna i dir.

Sabrina Payet li in esper pour 11-an e li osi i dir kot i ti pe reste lakaz pa ti dan en bon leta e son met ti pe demann li pour sorti.

“Mon ti’n fatige e la prezan mon kontan. Mon vreman kontan,” i ti dir.

Lamazorite bann fanmir pe al konmans fer bann demars pour antre dan zot nouvo lakaz avan Nwel ek lannen.

Osi pandan sa pti seremoni senk zanfan primer Baie Lazare ki ti’n pran par dan konpetisyon desen pour semenn labita ti resevwar zot pri ki ti enkli en tenk delo mil lit pour zot lekol donnen par PUC e osi bann lezot pri endividyel sponsorize par PMC.

Bann portre ki akonpanny lartik e ki’n tire par nou fotografer Louis Toussaint i montre serten moman for sa seremoni yer.

[Source: Seychelles Nation]

Orchid Village gets grand opening

Orchid Village gets grand opening

A partial view of the housing units at the Orchid Village (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

A new housing estate, Orchid Village, located at the ex-Indian Ocean nursery at Barbarons in the Grand Anse Mahé district, was officially opened on Monday afternoon, although residents have been living in their houses for a year now.

The official opening ceremony was attended by the Minister for Habitat, Land, Infrastructure and Land Transport Pamela Charlette, the Minister for Family Affairs Mitcy Larue, the director general for Abu Dhabi Fund, Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, the chargé d’affaires of the United Arab Emirates in Seychelles, Ahmed Alneyadi, the residents of the housing estate and invited guests.

Orchid Village is one of three projects that have been made possible through a grant given by the Abu Dhabi government and administered by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

The village consists of 42 units, 20 of which have two bedrooms and 22 three bedrooms in addition to a parking lot and a sewage treatment plant.

In her opening address Minister Charlette noted that construction of the 42 units in this estate was part of a much larger project that covered two other sites, one at Bel Ombre with 24 units and another at Takamaka with 40 units.

“As we now reach the completion of the housing project in Takamaka, it is an opportune occasion for us to have this ceremony today. The 106 units at all three locations have been made possible through a grant funding of R93 million,” said the minister.

She added that the success of the project was because of participation from two local partners, GIBB Seychelles Ltd and Mahé Design and Build.

“On behalf of the beneficiaries and the government of Seychelles I would like to express our appreciation to all those involved in the planning and construction of the village. Provisions for housing remains a priority for our government and we appreciate that our foreign partners acknowledge and support our efforts,” remarked the minister.

She urged the residents to make a special effort in keeping the village a pleasant living environment.

On his part Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi added that this project is yet another successful outcome of the good relations that exist between Seychelles and the UAE since 1976.

“We are proud to partner with the Republic of Seychelles in catering for the growing demand that is public housing. Abu Dhabi fund is pleased to strategically partner with Seychelles to support the development programmes and objectives,” said the director general.

Yves Choppy, principal secretary for infrastructure, added that a second phase is in the works where an additional seven units will be added. He noted that they are securing finance for the second phase to start.

Many residents of the housing estate also took this opportunity to address some of their concerns to the minister regarding some issues that they are facing at the village. These include lack of space and improper drainage for rain water.

Mr Choppy noted that these concerns will be taken up.

[Source: Seychelles Nation]

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